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I put this together and shared it free of charge. I just ask that you share with anyone you think may be interested in prepping for the exam or just wants a quick review on the topics. A Linkedin shoutout would be nice if it helps.

Certified Jenkins Engineer Prep sheet

This is a nice one to get familiar with on your journey to the cloud. I wouldn't say it's exactly easy but it's fun

Frequently Asked Questions

Each sheet was designed based on the experiences of the writer. Each sheet is crafted to be as concise and as relevant as possible. The exams are designed by the certification company and are subject to change, so please read the blue print to be aware of testing requirements.

In short "No". This takes away all the fun for the candidate to grow and learn. What is placed in the prep sheets should be enough to assist in some form or the other.

The creators review these from time to time or based on feedback from viewers. This is not a paid offering so please manage your expectations.

At the moment no. But as time evolves this may open up to training but not on the standard level. It would be a bit more relevant to reality just to say the least. But by the end of 2020 something may emerge in this aspect.

Writer's thoughts about DevOps Certs.

I think these are challenging. They require you to get familiar with the hands on use of the tools. I think what is important is getting a good appreciation of how these will add value to your cloud management, administration and development. AW